Small Grants for Local Community Initiatives


When Balerno Village Trust initiated the Harlaw Hydro project it committed to using a portion of the surplus to establish a small grant scheme that would benefit organisations not only within Balerno but in the surrounding communities too. In conjunction with Currie Balerno Rotary Club such a scheme has been created, it is called The Community Chest.

The Balerno Village Trust has set aside a portion of the funds provided by Harlaw Hydro Ltd to assist modest local projects which offer benefit to the local community, Currie Balerno Rotary Club has also set aside funds. The Community Chest is jointly administered by Currie Balerno Rotary Club and Balerno Village Trust.

Update April 2023: The Community Chest is now well established but we feel it is not as visible publicly as it could be. Accordingly BVT and Currie Balerno Rotary have agreed that it should stand in its own right as Pentland Community Chest and establish a more visible presence in the near future with its own website, Facebook presence and email addresses


Twice a year the committee reviews applications and makes awards. Applications in any year should be received by:

  • 31 May with decisions notified by 31 July
  • 30 November with decisions notified by 31 January

All successful applicants are required to:-

  1. Confirm receipt of the award promptly by email and
  2. Within a month of completion of their project, provide feedback in the form of a short summary of the way the award was used and its benefit to their organisation/project. The feedback should be accompanied by one or more photographs for publication on this website.


Applications are invited from organisations or groups but not from individuals.

  • The projects must be new, clearly defined and quite separate from operational or running costs.
  • The projects must be of benefit to the local community and this benefit must be spelled out in the application.

If you want to know more about the Community Chest download an application form and read the guide or contact us at

Just a word of caution: the Community Chest does not have unlimited resources and we want to see these resources spread across as many projects as possible.

Download an Application Form and a Guide to Grant Applications.

CC Awards Dec 2022